Invest in a Government Infrastructure EB-5 Project

Wouldn’t it be nice to invest in a US Government┬áinfrastructure project that is also EB-5 eligible.

The investors risk is substantially mitigated because the loan is directly made to the government entity in a transparent manner.┬áInvestor’s investment is returned to the investor in 5 years.

  • Exemplar Approved Project. (This means the project is already checked & approved by USCIS, so your case processing will be faster)
  • Project has already received approved I-526 of previous investors.
  • Experienced Regional Center with over 800 approved EB-5 I-526 petitions.
  • US Government Infrastructure project.

Fully transparent Process:

The Contract signed between the Project & the Govt entity is shared with investor upfront. Try getting that from Private EB-5 Projects, they never share that.

Unlike other Regional centers, since this is a Govt. project, the regional center doesn’t get to charge the project 4-6% interest and keep most of it as General Partner admin expenses.

All the project progress including spending and live photographs are posted on the Government website.

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