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As I mentioned in my post on Medium, EB5 projects will have to take in new investments at $1.8 million USD after Nov 21. So if a project hasn’t fully been subscribed by then, they might be unable to complete the project because of shortage of funds.

Invest $900,000 USD in a TEA Approved Rural area project

The project that I am working it is future proofed in this regard, the project is already TEA qualified as per the new rules that have come into affect from Nov 21 2019. Secondly, the project is fully funded, so any shortfall (which we don’t foresee, given the investor interest), will be fully funded by the Developers.

Some of the salient features of the Project that gives our investors comfort:

  2. Safe Project already Pre-approved by USCIS with exemplar I-924. Most of the other projects don’t have exemplar approval. This will delay their investors approval.
  3. This project is Phase 2 of the same project in which Phase 1 was also a fully subscribed EB5 Project and was very successful. Which is a very good sign, since Phase 1 investors got their green cards and they are now getting ready to get their investments back without any problems.
  4. SOLID Regional Center: One of the oldest Regional Centers in existence since 2011, over 900 investors with almost half billion USD under EB5 Investment. 100% I-526 & I-829 approval record.


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