Choosing an EB-5 Regional Center

There are over 700 Regional Centers currently operating in the United States. But only a fraction of them are actively doing EB-5 projects currently and are worth any merit.

In fact, fewer than 20 Regional Centers have ever returned money back to investors on multiple projects. This is not to say that the rest of the Regional centers are not up to par, they may have started only 4-5 years ago or actively started doing EB-5 projects in the past 5 years. For an EB-5 investor to get back his/her investment, it takes a minimum of 5 years, and most of the regional centers have simply not been in existence that long.

Things to look for when picking a Regional Center (RC):

  • Ask for the RC’s I-924 and/or I-924A.
  • When was the RC established.
  • What is it’s track record?
    • How many projects has the RC done in the past?
    • How many I-526 petitions have they filed till date, what is the approval rate?
    • Have they filed any I-829’s yet? What is the approval rate?
    • Have they any projects which have returned investors funds?

We only work with Top Regional Centers that have had a track record that covers all the above points. For help with choosing a Regional Centers with 100% Project Success rate, contact us, we will be able to help.

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