EB-5 US Green cards for your Children instead of F-1 Visa

Many parents are sending their children to the US for higher education. My brother’s daughters studied in the US at Top Universities for their undergraduate studies. My daughter will also be attending college in a few years. So we made sure our children will reap the benefits of an expensive higher education. We invested through the EB5 visa program and received our green cards.

My brother’s elder daughter has graduated college and is already employed with a Fortune 100 company. She doesn’t have to worry about the F-1 OPT or the H-1B visa as she already has her green card.

Visa restrictions for foreign students

There are plenty of jobs in the US, but due to the restrictions imposed by the US government on foreign students. F-1 students find it almost impossible to find a job. The ones who find a job have to settle for a reduced salary or get hired by smaller firms in remote cities, which do not give the student the same exposure of working at a top notch company.

H-1 Visa lottery uncertainty

More and more companies are shying away from hiring F-1 OPT holders. Why? After the company hires an employee on the OPT. They have to file for the H-1B visa for the person and there is no guarantee that the H-1B visa lottery will allocate a H-1B visa to the OPT holder. In 2019, 201,000 H1-B petitions were filed, but since only 85,000 H1-B visas can be allocated per year, more than 50% of H1-B petitions had to be rejected. The company’s efforts in recruiting and training the F-1 holders will all go to waste if the employee doesn’t get a H1-B Visa. The employee’s only option is to quit the job and return to their home country.

eb5 visa for f1 students

Plan ahead of time and save money

Parents who plan ahead and apply for the EB5 visa for their family while the child is still a few years away from University, can reap the benefits of paying in-state subsidized tuition for their children. Top University education can cost above $250,000 per child for International students, while in-state students can finish their studies for under $80,000 for 4 years. That’s a big difference when you consider the education expenses of two children attending University.

If you are thinking of sending your child for higher education in the US and settle in the US for a better life. I strongly urge you to look into the EB5 Visa Program and understand the basics of the program. The $900,000 investment amount is high. But by investing in a safe project, you can get back your investment after a few years.

Experienced EB5 Advisor

I have done my own EB-5 investment and helped my brother with his investment. Read more about me here. Since 2016, I have helped many investors find the right EB5 project to invest in. I have also helped many investors through the process of investing, gathering documents, choosing the right immigration attorney, connecting them with a Tax advisor. I provide a complete comprehensive service to my clients because I myself have gone through every single step of the process.

Free advice

Best of all, my Services are completely FREE to you. I am paid by the Regional center project that you select. And another point, I actively negotiate with the regional center to reduce your admin fee that every regional center charges each investor. Send me an Email to get started, I can answer all your questions about the process.

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