Faster EB-5 Visa for Middle East investors

A host of new rules have been implemented by the Trump admin in the past 6 months concerning the US Green card by investment route: EB-5 Visa.

In November 2019, the USCIS, (US Govt’s immigration department) increased the EB-5 Visa investment amount from $500,000 USD per family to $900,000 USD. This is a major change as investment amount has almost doubled.

But there has also been good news for Middle East Africa investors. On Jan 29 2020, USCIS released a news update which will affect all future processing of EB-5 Visas. Specifically, the I-526 petition, which is the first stage of the EB-5 process will now not be processed in a First in First Out (FIFO) manner as has been previously done by USCIS. Instead, starting in March 2020, USCIS will adjudicate petitions based on Visa availability by country, which means that new EB-5 investors from countries other than China/India/Vietnam, will be able to see their petitions getting adjudicated faster than previously done as they don’t have to wait for the earlier (2016-2019) Chinese I-526 petitions to complete processing.

This is GREAT NEWS for Middle East Africa EB-5 Applicants. As none of the countries in the region including UAE, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Iran, Egypt, Lebanon have any waiting time for EB-5 Visas, their petitions will be processed immediately before any of the other Asian petitions filed previously. This cuts down the processing time drastically. 

Consult with an experienced EB-5 advisor like Mr. Ashok Kumar, who has extensive experience working with Middle East investors. We have helped investors with solutions suited to their requirements and situations.

We specifically help our investors with:
1) Free 1 hour consultation with Top notch US based EB-5 attorney. Mr. Ashok Kumar has relationships with several of the Top 25 EB-5 attorneys in the United States. He will setup a 1 hour free consulation with the attorney over phone/Skype/Whatsapp to discuss your situation and give you all the information required to make a decision about your EB-5 process.

2) We assist you in the selection of a safe project where investment is absolutely safe and green card is assured.

2) Project where jobs are already created so that investor has no risk in creation of 10 jobs criteria.

3) Only projects with solid track record of the developers and Regional center. for eg., Regional centers that have returned investors funds to them after procuring their green card.

4) Assist investors in avoiding any scams by ensuring investors directly transfer their funds to the Escrow account of the Regional center as mandated by the rules.

5) Carefully guide investor through preparation of statement of funds and all required EB-5 documents.

There are thousands of Chinese I-526 petitions filed during 2016 to 2019, waiting to be adjudicated. These Chinese petitions still have to wait 7+ years for an EB-5 visa even after I-526 approval as there is an yearly 7% quota for each country out of the 10,000 annual EB-5 visa limit. Since there are enough approved Chinese I-526s from 2014/2015 to get EB-5 visas for atleast the next 5 years, USCIS has decided that it will now focus on processing I-526s of citizens of non-China countries as there is no waiting period for most countries, except for India and Vietnam. This is welcome news for EB-5 investors from countries as this can lead to faster I-526 processing times.

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