Start your EB-5 for as low as $100,000

Ever since 2019, the EB-5 minimum investment amount has increased to $900,000 USD. This is an 80% increase over the previous limit. Not everyone is able to apply for the EB-5 by investing $900,000 in one single investment.

A few EB-5 Regional centers and projects have realized this and have now started to offer EB-5 Investments in partial lots. So, a Potential EB-5 investor can start off by investing just $100,000 into the EB-5 project and filing their I-526 petition thereby locking their Priority date immediately. While waiting for the I-526 petition to be approved, the Investor can invest the remaining balance of the $900,000 and complete their EB-5 investment.

But is Partial EB-5 Investment accepted by USCIS?

Yes, Investors have filed their EB-5 with partial sums and have received approvals. The key is to make sure you pick a Topnotch EB-5 attorney to file your EB-5 petition with partial investment. We will help you with attorney selection.

Advantages of Partial Investment

  • Start off with an amount as low as $100,000 plus fees*
  • Pay the rest over 18 months (If you have to liquidate assets, this gives you time, instead of hurrying up and liquidating at a discount).
  • File EB-5 petition immediately after investing the first $100,000
  • While EB-5 petition is waiting to be processed, you can slowly complete your entire investment of $900,000

*attorney fees need to be paid directly to your attorney upfront & Regional admin fees will be prorated as per number of partial investments paid over 18 months.

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