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We have quite a few South African investors in the Montage Big Sky project. Contact us below to learn more.


This is Phase 2 of the very successful Yellowstone Club project. Montage Big Sky is a project of 39 high end luxury condos and a 5 star hotel project in the Yellowstone Ski resort area of Montana. Since it is in a rural area, This project is already qualified for the New TEA Criteria after Nov 21 2019, giving investors the peace of mind that their $500,000 investment is safe and they do not have to worry about any other issues.

The developer Cross Harbor Capital has 25 years of experience in this line and owns over 25,000 acres of prime ski resort land in the Yellowstone mountains regions of Montana, which they have purchased in the economic collapse of 2008 for $500 million. They have already developed and sold $3+ billion worth of property to Ultra High Networth Individuals and Celebrities. The phase 1 EB-5 project of 48 villas is fully sold out to Celebrities including like Bill Gates and Ashton Kutcher. EB5 investors funds in Phase 1 are being returned this year.

Some of the salient features of this project:

  • USCIS Exemplar approved already for the project and we have received our first I-526 approval last month for our first investor.
  • Project will remain a TEA Designated Project after the Nov 21, 2019 Regulatory Changes.
  • Phase II to the beautiful Yellowstone Club and Spanish Peaks development; Phase I obtained $25MM of EB-5 funds, Investors funds are successfully returned this year.
  • Project Fully-Capitalized. (Which means even if project doesn’t get all of the planned 127 investors, developer already has funds ready to cover the shortfall).
  • 50% Developer Equity subordinate to EB-5 Investors funds (Developer has substantial skin in the game and will ensure success of project – 50% of total project cost invested by developer).
  • Project has completion guarantee (Developer has given a bank guarantee, so if he fails to complete the project, the bank guarantee can be encashed to pay for the project to be completed).
  • Already Under Construction. (Several other EB5 projects are planned into the future and can get delayed due to lack of funding, this project has already moved past that stage with all funding secured and construction well underway).
  • 99 Room Hotel & 39 Residences managed byMontage Ultra-Luxury Hotel Brand.

Step by step guidance and assistance

I have received my I-526 approval in a record 12 months and received my green card in 16 months from start to finish. This was only possible because of my due diligence and my mastery of the EB5 process. I have applied the same knowledge & techniques to help my clients invest wisely and safely.

  • Statements preparation for your source of funds, for eg., you might have funds from sale of property, your investments, salary, gifts from family, etc. I have experience with preparing your documents as required by USCIS, so that your petition is processed without any RFEs from USCIS.
  • Project guidance for selection of your project, for eg., I evaluate the percentage of EB-5 money in the capital stack and where the other capital money is originating from. I recommend only the safest loan model EB-5 projects to my clients.
  • Getting your green card and your investment return is my primary goal.

Investment increases coming on November 21 2019

The US govt. is in the process of increasing the minimum investment amount from $500,000 to $900,000 and $1.8 Million dollars (Non-TEA).

Along with the Investment amount increases, there are also many changes proposed to the program which will make it more difficult to apply for the EB-5 Visa program. A big rush of applicants are taking advantage of this opportunity to invest $500,000 and apply for the green card immediately.

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