Why do you need us for your EB-5 Visa process?

There are over 700 Regional Centers currently registered with the USCIS, not all of them have projects and quite a few have no clue about the EB-5 process and the rules & regulations as stipulated by the USCIS. In fact the USCIS website categorically states:

USCIS approval of an EB-5 regional center application does not in any way:

  • Constitute USCIS endorsement of the activities of that regional center;
  • Guarantee compliance with U.S. securities laws; or
  • Minimize or eliminate risk to the investor.

Potential investors are encouraged to seek professional advice when making any investment decisions.

We work with our EB-5 Investors to ensure that they are asking the right questions to the Regional centers and/or EB-5 projects. Questions like, what happens to your investment after 5 years, because not all EB-5 projects are returning the funds to the investor. Some Projects have the option to keep the money for upto 10 years, while paying the investor 0 to 1% return.

We evaluate the economic analysis of job creation provided by the project. As you might be aware, an important aspect of the EB5 Visa process is that the investor needs to also generate 10 jobs apart from their investment. USCIS has rejected applications in the past because of insufficient jobs creations. We analyze the projections for job creations provided by the project to ensure that the job projections are indeed realistic.

We assist the investor with preparing their source of funds proofs and documentation, yes, your lawyer will be your primary go-to person for this, but we have seen that not all lawyers are equal and some of them are taking an approach to file the application first, then wait for the RFE to take care of the problem. It saves them time and also they get to charge the Investor fees again when the RFE comes. We ensure that the investor files it right the first time, so that there is no time delays due to RFE’s later.

We work with all the regional centers, but we focus only on the ones which have a proven track record of successfully executing prior EB5 Projects, Projects that can provide the investor with the best chance of securing their green card and also their investment back.

Reach out to us and let’s get started.

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