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EB5updates.com & EB-5.org are 100% subsidiary of Springfield Services, a UAE based Financial services company operating since 2010. Springfield has extensive experience managing a multi-million dollar investment portfolio in India, Dubai & Singapore.

Mr. Ashok Kumar is himself an investor in the EB-5 Visa program having completed the EB-5 process for himself and his family. He has managed to do it in a record 16 months from start to Green card. There is no secret other than fanatical due diligence in selecting the right project out of a bunch of available projects at the time and an extermely well documented preparation of SOF to avoid any queries from the USCIS.

Going through the EB-5 process himself, Mr. Kumar realized that the EB-5 industry was not mature enough for investors to invest in well regulated projects that have undergone a project vetting from independent 3rd party organization. Most of the projects out there even today do not have a simple, clear return of investment path in their paperwork. Verbally they mention funds return in 5 to 7 years, but the signed paperwork does not reflect that clarity and at times can be very confusing even for the savvy investor.

After studying EB5 projects for 2 years, Mr. Kumar finally invested in a project that gave him comfort enough to invest. During this time, he went through tens of project and met with over 20 regional centers to understand their EB-5 project experience and knowledge. Mr. Kumar immediately realized that a regional center does not always have the investors interest at heart. In order to maximize profitability, quite a few of the regional centers including the very well known big ones have tied up with questionable developers to invest EB-5 investors funds into questionable projects. The return on these investments are murky. There are quite a few EB-5 investments where investors are given back only a portion of their original investment once the project was complete.

Mr. Kumar have been offering EB-5 investment advice from 2016 to  qualified clients who are interested in the EB-5 program. His clients have received their I-526 approvals and have also received their conditional green cards.

If you are interested in finding out more about the program or are looking for a EB-5 project to invest in, contact us, Our services are totally free to you. We work with only the safest EB-5 projects which ensure full transparency of operations at all points of an EB-5 investors journey. We have personally visited the projects to evaluate and check the promises made by the regional center and the project developer. Only when we are fully satisfied with our due diligence, we recommend a project to our investors.

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