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Mr. Kumar has over 15 years of experience in Finance due to his family’s background in founding and owning a Public listed Steel company in India since 1992. He has worked with various fund raises from around the world with average deal sizes of $5 Million USD. Over the course of the last 15 years, he has worked with and put together several deals via Private equity fund investments and Real estate deals.

Mr. Kumar has helped his brother’s family successfully get their green card by guiding them through their EB-5 investment process. He went through more than 20 projects and did his due diligence and realized that there was a wide variance in the terms and conditions of each project. During this process, he realized that there was not much research available for prospective investors in the EB-5 arena. Investors had to depend on marketing materials provided by Regional centers or get introduced to EB5 projects by immigration attorneys or agents. But none of them had gone through the process themselves. Only when someone goes through the process and actually invests $500,000 (as in our case) or $900,000 (for new investors) is when they actually understand and realize every single detail of the process.

Mr. Kumar has been offering EB-5 investment advice since 2016 to  qualified clients who are interested in the EB-5 program. Some of his clients have received their I-526 approvals and have also received their conditional green cards, while others are in the process.

If you are interested in finding out more about the program or are looking for a EB-5 project to invest in, contact us, Our services are totally free to you. We work with only the safest EB-5 projects which ensure full transparency of operations at all points of an EB-5 investors journey. We have personally visited the projects to evaluate and check the promises made by the regional center and the project developer. Only when we are fully satisfied with our due diligence, we recommend a project to our investors.

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