Visa bulletin July 2020: EB-5 India current again

As many of you might have seen, the July 2020 Visa bulletin was released a week ago and the big surprise was that the Final Action Date (FAD) for India born EB-5 applicants has become current again. Just a few months ago, it was retrogressed all the way back to 2017. Late last year, I had a chance to meet with Charlie Oppenheim, Chief of Visas at the Department of State. Mr. Oppenheim is the person who sets the visa bulletin every month after doing his magic calculations based on visa quotas and approved petitions. Continue reading “Visa bulletin July 2020: EB-5 India current again”

EB-5 Investment limits

$900,000 (TEA – Rural area Projects)

$1.8 Million (Non-TEA / Urban area projects)

Welcome to the Phase 2 of the EB-5 program which include new investment limits and new TEA area criteria set by DHS. The rules have been made more tighter for which projects to qualify for the $900,000 investment limit. Earlier, projects were getting TEA certifications approved at the State level, but now DHS has amended the rule to enforce TEA certification can only be provided at the federal level by a DHS agency. This has put a lot of projects in limbo as they need to be re-certified and a lot of them will fail the TEA conditions, so these projects will lose their TEA status, which means investors will now have to invest $1.8 Million in these projects. Continue reading “EB-5 Investment limits”

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