Current Eb-5 Projects

We work with Regional Centers who satisfy our demanding criteria for inclusion in our portfolio.  The Regional Center needs to have a long track record. There are over 700 Regional Centers, majority of them have never executed a successful project or in the initial stages of their first project. The regional centers we work with have done several successful projects in the past.

Some of the things we insist upon in a project:

  • Regional center which has returned funds to investors in previous projects.
  • Project which has high percentage of equity from developer – “Developer’s skin in the game”.
  • Project that has a Bank/lender as senior lender – Banks normally have a sophisticated due diligence process in place to evaluate a project’s viability and repayment before the bank lends to the project.
  • A proven job creation methodology approved by the USCIS for the EB-5 Investor Program.
  • A loan based EB-5 partnership with a defined exit strategy.
  • Job Creation – Indirect or model-derived direct job creation, each of which do not require proving direct jobs through W-2’s, I-9’s and proof of citizenship for each direct job claimed.
  • A defined revenue stream and collateral for each loan in connection with the project undertaken.

We have a few Loan model EB-5 Projects based on the above bulleted covenants, where in your investment is safe as it is loaned to the Project with adequate collaterals instead of equity, where the chances of loss is rare.

Please send us an email with your details, we will be able to help you in your EB-5 process.

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