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I have gone through the EB-5 process & have applied for the EB-5 Visa for my family & I. I received my I-526 approval in just 12 months. It was a combination of tedious due diligence and some luck.

The key to a successful EB5 Visa petition is the selection of the right project. Fraud is just one part of the selection process. But just like any investment, an inept project team can also sink your green card process, not to mention your investment. I ensure that the project is solid, has enough protections for EB-5 investors and most importantly, is delivering on their commitment. I visit with the Projects regularly to ensure that they are indeed truthful.

The projects that I am working with have the following Salient features:

  • USCIS Exemplar approved already for the projects and the first investors in the projects have received USCIS I-526 approvals.
  • Projects remain a TEA Designated Project after the Nov 21, 2019 Regulatory Changes.
  • Projects not affected by Covid-19, work is going on without any stoppage.
  • Projects Fully-Capitalized. (Which means even if project doesn’t get all of the planned investors, developer already has funds ready to cover the shortfall).
  • High Developer Equity subordinate to EB-5 Investors funds (Developer has substantial skin in the game and will ensure success of project).
  • Projects have completion guarantee (Developer has given a bank guarantee, so if they fail to complete the project, the bank guarantee can be encashed to pay for the project to be completed).
  • Already Under Construction. (Several other EB5 projects are planned into the future and can get delayed due to lack of funding, these projects has already moved past that stage with all funding secured and construction well underway).

Experienced EB-5 Advisor on your side

I cannot emphasize this enough, but having an experienced EB-5 Advisor is very important when you are going through your EB-5 Process. I myself have read through thousands of pages of Project documentations and PPMs for various EB-5 projects. I have met with immigration lawyers specialized in EB-5 Visa processing. I am constantly in touch with the latest EB-5 happenings in the industry. My expertise will ease you into the complex world of the EB-5 Visa process.

Step by step guidance and assistance, I help you with:

  • Statements preparation for your source of funds, for eg., you might have funds from sale of property, your investments, salary, gifts from family, etc. I have experience with preparing your documents as required by USCIS, so that your petition is processed without any RFEs from USCIS.
  • Project guidance for selection of your project, for eg., I evaluate the percentage of EB-5 money in the capital stack and where the other capital money is originating from. I recommend only the safest loan model EB-5 projects to my clients.
  • Getting your green card and your investment return is my primary goal.

I don’t charge you any fees. Zero fees! I will actively negotiate with the Regional Center to reduce your admin fee substantially. Contact us immediately.

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