March 2020 EB-5 Visa bulletin updates

China Final Action Date

Another month, another visa bulletin just got released yesterday (Feb 17 2020). The surprising news here is that China Final action date (FAD) has moved forward 5.5 months to 15 May 2015. This is a big jump as the Chinese FAD has barely moved a few months in the last 2 years. This could be because of the Coronavirus that has shutdown most of China including the US consulate in Guangzhou. My guess is the FAD for China will be moved back closer to December 2014 once the Guangzhou consulate re-opens and Coronavirus is in control.

India Final Action Date

India FAD for EB5 also moved another 7 weeks to 22 Oct 2018. It has now moved forward a total of 10 months and 3 weeks in the last 3 visa bulletins. When I spoke with Charles Oppeneheim (Head of Visa numbers at Dept. of State) in October last year, he said that, there is a possibility that he might make India FAD current in the 4th quarter of FY2020 (Jun to Sep 2020). We have to wait and watch if that will become true, but the rapid movement in these last 3 bulletins indicate he might indeed make India current by June 2020.

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