Success rates of EB-5 Visas

What is the success rate of an EB-5 visa to the USA? Are the projects safe enough to invest in?

USCIS hasn’t shared the success rate of EB-5 Visas in a while. But based on past data from USCIS, the success rate of approval of I-526 petitions (The 1st step of the EB-5 process where in the investor gets a conditional green card after 526 approval) is around 80%. After 22 months of receiving the conditional Green card, the EB-5 petitioner can apply for an I-829 (permanent green card). The success rate of this was around 95% in the past. Continue reading “Success rates of EB-5 Visas”

Are you ready to invest? Why Wait!

Now that the deadline for the New rules for EB5 Visa investment minimum increases  are well documented everywhere, there are quite a few projects that are in danger of losing their TEA status.

As I mentioned in my post on Medium, these projects will have to take in new investments at $1.8 million USD after Nov 21. So if a project hasn’t fully been subscribed by then, they might be unable to complete the project because of shortage of funds.

Invest $900,000 USD in a TEA Approved Rural area project
Continue reading “Are you ready to invest? Why Wait!”

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