Visa bulletin July 2020: EB-5 India current again

As many of you might have seen, the July 2020 Visa bulletin was released a week ago and the big surprise was that the Final Action Date (FAD) for India born EB-5 applicants has become current again. Just a few months ago, it was retrogressed all the way back to 2017. Late last year, I had a chance to meet with Charlie Oppenheim, Chief of Visas at the Department of State. Mr. Oppenheim is the person who sets the visa bulletin every month after doing his magic calculations based on visa quotas and approved petitions. Continue reading “Visa bulletin July 2020: EB-5 India current again”

Success rates of EB-5 Visas

What is the success rate of an EB-5 visa to the USA? Are the projects safe enough to invest in?

USCIS hasn’t shared the success rate of EB-5 Visas in a while. But based on past data from USCIS, the success rate of approval of I-526 petitions (The 1st step of the EB-5 process where in the investor gets a conditional green card after 526 approval) is around 80%. After 22 months of receiving the conditional Green card, the EB-5 petitioner can apply for an I-829 (permanent green card). The success rate of this was around 95% in the past. Continue reading “Success rates of EB-5 Visas”

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