Exemplar I-526

What is an Exemplar I-526?

An exemplar petition is a sample I-526 petition filed by a Regional Center when filing the I-924 or I-924A. Exemplar I-526’s are normally filed when a project is “shovel ready”, meaning the project is ready to commence and all Business Plan aspects of the project are crystallized and no more major changes are envisioned. An exemplar approved project means, USCIS has scrutinized the project documents and has approved the project. After this, whenever an investor in the project files their I-526 petition, USCIS will only adjudicate the investor’s documents. This will speed up the adjudication process as the project documents have been pre-approved and they will not be adjudicated again.

For filing an exemplar I-526, The regional center must submit all of the required project documentation along with the I-924 filing.

Does a project with an approved Exemplar I-526 result in faster processing of the investor’s petition?

This is a very subjective matter, immigration attorneys give conflicting answers on this matter. As far as facts are concerned, When a project has an exemplar 526 approved, USCIS doesn’t have to go through the investor’s project portion of the petition. USCIS just has to check the source of funds portion of the investor. So naturally, there is some time saved in processing the investor’s petition.

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