Top 5 things to look for in an EB-5 Project

If you are interested in the EB-5 Visa for you and your family. Send us an email, we will send you a Free Checklist document explaining the EB-5 process and what to look out for. Let’s get started.

There are many things, a prospective investor needs to do before selecting a good project for investment, the Top 5 things to look out for are:

1)Request to see the investment information in writing, such as the private placement memorandum, subscription agreement, escrow agreement, etc.

2) Review the professional experience and background of the principals of the Regional Center and Project.

3) Evaluate the breakdown of the fees, specifics on the return of investment, and the “waterfall” (which is the priority order of payments ahead of the EB-5 investors).

4) Consider the job cushion. (Eg. How many jobs over the requisite ten are being projected?)

5) Assess and review escrow terms and the possibility of return of funds if the I-526 is denied based on no fault of the investor.

I have a checklist of over 30 questions that I go over with any regional center and project that I work with, so that I can get a clear picture about the project.

I cannot Emphasize this part enough, but having someone experienced in your corner is very very important when you are going through your EB-5 Process. The Regional Center, The project, USCIS Rules & Regulations, There are so many to keep track of and follow up with.

Before you choose your lawyer or your regional center and wire them your money, You will need expert guidance. We don’t charge you any fees or have an hidden agenda. You decide everything, we are there to guide you through every step of the process. We help with your documentation for the source of funds, any queries you have about the program. Ask us anything.

We have successfully guided many EB-5 investors through various Eb-5 Projects because of our years of experience of Financial planning and extensive knowledge in the Eb-5 domain.

Whether you have a question about the process or need more information about EB-5 Projects. We can also provide you with the latest stats in the EB-5 world, ongoing current legislations that can impact the EB-5 program. Get in touch with us.

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